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Art City After School Program

YAAP, or Youth Afterschool Art Program, now offers hands-on after school classes to help your child flourish creatively while having fun! Your child will be able to experiment with many different types of mediums, art styles, and different forms of art like sculpture and abstract art. In our 2 to 3-hour classes, we’ll focus on an art topic of the day that can range from watercolor, drawing, famous artists, and more! During warmer seasons, we’ll host class outside and do on-site painting (or Plein Aire) and go on Art-Related Fieldtrips. 

We believe that all children have a unique learning approach, and we accomodate for this by having our lessons be flexible and adaptive, changing to fit the needs and pace of your child. Our program serves ages 10-17 and runs from 3 PM to 5:30 PM (although we can accommodate for later pick-up times!)

Why Our Program is Special

As a program that’s geared toward individuality and self-expression, we encourage all forms of creativity from your child. We know that there’s no set schedule for the artistic success of any one person. Our staff is dedicated to the success of each of our kids, whatever that may look like for each person.

Some of our Alternating Lesson Plans

  • Watercolor Landscapes
  • Plein Aire Painting: Painting On-Site
  • Drawing Fundamentals
  • Drawing Animals Workshop
  • Cartooning Workshop
  • Portraiture: Self-Portrait Workshop
  • Abstract art: History and Workshop
  • Pointillism: History and Workshop
  • Impressionism: History and workshop
  • Piet Mondrian: History and Art Workshop
  • Vincent Van Gogh: History and Art Workshop
  • Frida Kahlo: History and Art Workshop
  • Georgia O'Keeffe: History and Art Workshop

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